Successful Penis Enlargement

The success of penis enlargement surgery depends on a number of factors. These include experience of the surgeon, technique used, type of penile implants used, type of fat transfer used, amount of fat transfer, the technique used for penile length increase, the anesthesia used, the proximity of the implant to the urethera and other factors. We have been doing penis enlargement surgery for the last 30 years and having attained tremendous experience in this surgery, we offer you safe and successful penis enlargement as walk in walk out surgery. the surgery takes around 1 hour in local anesthesia, results are excellent and guaranteed. There is guarantee of length and diameter increase. You gain inches in length of penis and penis diameter can become double.

Successful Hymenoplasty

Success of Hymenoplasty depends primarily on the experience and expertise of the surgeon. Additional factors include technique used under particular circumstances, the hymen membrane used, the hymen membrane created, post-operative care etc. We have been doing hymenoplasty for the last 30 years and having obtained tremendous experience and expertise in this surgery, we achieve 100% success. There are no failures of our hymenoplasties. We offer guaranteed hymenoplasty. There is guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. We use special hymenoplasty techniques not available elsewhere and special hymen membranes, as a result of which we achieve success in all of our patients.

Successful Face Lift

The success of face lift surgery depends on the experience and expertise of the surgeon, performing these procedures. Assessment of patient for the type of face lift required is of utmost importance. Usually a number of in-experienced and untrained doctors perform those face lifts in patients which do not suit their needs. Either these face lifts are not required, or on the other hand in-complete face lifts are also quite common. We have seen face lifts done with skin excision only, incomplete face lift like for example temporal or retro-auricular lifts in patients requiring full face lifts, excessively long scarred face lifts etc.

We have been doing Face Lift surgery for the last 30 years. Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon has developed large number of face lift techniques. These include Delta Lift, Transcutaneous Face Lift, Simplified S lift, SMAFS face lift and others. We tailor each face lift to individual patient needs, use local anesthesia foe extreme patient safety, use highly specialized instruments and special lifting and plicating techniques, via which we achieve very long lasting face lift results. There are no complications and we have an international practice of face lift surgery.

Our Doctors

Dr. Enrique Hernandez-Perez

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

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Dr. Melvin A. Shiffman

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

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Dr. H A Khawaja

MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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