Dr. Melvin A. Shiffman

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Melvin A. Shiffman, M.D., J.D. received his M.D. degree from Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois in 1957 and his J.D. from Western State University College of Law in Orange, California in 1976.
He has been practicing in the field of general surgery, oncologic surgery (cancer and allied diseases), reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic surgery. He has been a medical legal consultant in medical malpractice, personal injury cases, and medical board problems. He is President of the American College of Legal Medicine (2009-2010) and has been Chair of the Section of Surgery at Tustin Hospital and Medical Center, Tustin, California since 2002. He has edited and authored more than 275 papers, 30 books and 130 chapters in the fields of law and medicine, general surgery, cancer surgery, and cosmetic surgery. He lectures internationally on cosmetic surgery and legal medicine. His books include “Medical Malpractice: Handling General Surgery Cases” 1990, “Attorneys Guide to Oncology Cases” 1994, “Ethics in Forensic Science and Medicine” 2000, “Autologous Fat Transplantation” 2001, “Medical Jurisprudence for the Physician, Surgeon, and Office Staff” 2002, “Aesthetic Surgery of the Abdominal Wall” 2005, “Liposuction: Principles and Practice” 2006, “Simplified Facial Rejuvenation” 2007, “Breast Augmentation: Principles and Practice” 2009, and “Mastopexy and Breast Reduction: Principles and Practice” 2009.
Dr. Shiffman is also Jurispudence Doctor JD and Certified by American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and one of its pioneers. Anyone can check from the website of ABCS. ( American Board of Cosmetic Surgery ) in the member sections.
Dr. Shiffman has recently edited and authored books from Springer-Verlag – Body Contouring, Autologous Fat Transfer – 2nd Extended Edition, Cosmetic Surgery, Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, Simplified Cosmetic Surgery – Art, Science & Practice by H.A.Khawaja, Simplified Aesthetic Surgery -Principles & Techniques, by H.A.Khawaja. Dr.Shiffman is honorary and founding member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Meso-American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a number of related societies and associations. He is founder and editor Emeritus of American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and editor of Meso-American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery on-line www.msaacs.org

Dr. Shiffman is an Affiliate/Associated Professor of CSSC, International.