Dr. H A Khawaja

MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon


My inclination towards cosmetic surgery began after reading the book of Stegman, and Tromovitch, “Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery”. I was so impressed, and inclined towards this new specialty that I decided to follow it as a career. I left the government job, and in an endeavor to learn cosmetic surgery, I traveled abroad, and started studying extensively the subject. In Europe, I had the opportunity to learn cosmetic surgery, from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, general surgeons, gynecologists, and so on. I traveled to America, and completed fellowships, and diplomas of The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. During my early years, I learned a lot of basic cosmetic surgery, from my teacher, and friend, Enrique Hernandez-Perez.
I got the opportunity to learn, and observe from important pioneers in the field of cosmetic surgery like Pierre Fournier, and others.
During my early years as a resident in general surgery, I had observed some unnecessary deaths related to general anesthesia, and I was well aware of its dangers. I tried hard to stick to local anesthesia, and to make cosmetic surgery more pleasant, safe, quick, and simple for the patients. After the introduction of Klein formula for liposuction, I modified it to make it more safe, and painless for the patients ( Khawaja s Formulas I-III ). I avoided bicarbonate and steroids in the formula, which not only lead to prolonged inflammation, but also increase chances of infection. I have safely used these modifications, over decades, with not even a single anesthesia related major side effect in any patient.
Much cosmetic surgery has been done and much will be done in the years to come. However, in my endeavor to simplify cosmetic surgery to its simplest form, with utmost patient safety, I developed large number of simplified cosmetic surgery techniques, which are my life essence of cosmetic surgery, as I have practiced it in a simplified manner. Patients love simple methods, and my love for simplification in cosmetic surgery, has been increasing The simplified cosmetic surgery techniques I developed include Scarless Breast Augmentation, Scarless Breast Lift, Scarless Tummy Tuck, Simplified Liposuction, Delta Face Lift, Transcutaneous Face Lift, Percutaneous Eyebrow Lift, Thread Forehead Lift, Scarless Forehead Lift, Suture Nasal Tip Lift, Transcutaneous Otoplasty, Transcutaneous Breast up lift, Simplified Rhinoplasty, Simpler Blepharoplasty, Simplified S-lift, Simpler Penile Augmentation via Implants & Fat Transfer  and Simpler Hymenoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Clitoris Augmentation, G-Spot Augmentation etc. I developed simpler techniques for inserting fillers like Silk Threads as a  useful and economical facial filler for facial wrinkles, depressions, for cheek prominence, jawline prominence for creating a roundish face, for lips augmentation, and for penile augmentation. I highlighted simpler methods of face lifting, safe liposuction, and simpler fat transfer. It is essential for the cosmetic surgeon to know not only in depth the cosmetic technique, but to know also all the possible, and probable complications, their prevention, and treatment. New anatomical realities, and discoveries were made by me in recent years, as a result of which, facial surgery has undergone a renaissance in the new millennium. These include SMAFS ( Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic-Fatty System) – The changed SMAS Concept,  discovery of Facial Nerve Branch Variations & Khawaja’s Communicating Nerves. As a result of these discoveries and invention of new face lift techniques, most durable and excellent results of face lift surgery are now possible, without any side effects. Effective and simple techniques for management of melasma, and use of oral isotretinoin as an effective cutaneous anti-aging drug have been highlighted by me in the literature. Simpler techniques of breast augmentation under tumescent local anesthesia, simpler breast reduction, use of proper instruments, and technique for simple, safe, and effective liposuction, for achieving excellent results have been elaborated by me in my textbooks “Simplified Cosmetic Surgery – Art, Science & Practice” and “Simplified Aesthetic Surgery – Principles & Techniques”. New permanent hair removal techniques via superficial liposuction were discovered by me and published in The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.
I have written more than 150 book chapters in my books, books from Springer-Verlag like Liposuction – Principles & Practice, Simplified Facial Rejuvenation, Body Contouring, Autologous Fat Transfer, Cosmetic Surgery, Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, Temas Selectos en Cirugia Cosmetica and written large number of articles in leading cosmetic surgery journals like The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, The Meso-American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery Journal & others.
I am an honorary & founding member of The Meso-American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery,  Senior Faculty of The European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery, Honorary Platinum Member of Estheticon, Honorary Member Society of Dermatologists, El-Salvador, CA.
I have received certifications in Plastic Surgery & Dermatology ( European & Non-European ), am Editor of The Meso-American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery ( www.msaacs.org )
Simplified Cosmetic Surgery is a necessity for all of those who want to have cosmetic surgery  with utmost safety and who desire to have excellent results and satisfaction. This historical work of art and science of cosmetic surgery as practiced by us, will continue to inspire all involved in cosmetic surgery, for years to come.

H A Khawaja MD
Specialist Plastic Surgeon